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Startups, life, learning and happiness: Expert of nothing


One of the most interesting and simultaneously challenging realizations I’ve had is that as a founder, especially the CEO, you essentially have chosen to never become an expert of anything. Oh, and if you don’t embrace that reality, it’s probably going to affect your likelihood of success.


Startup Weekend London: “It’s the team, stupid”

It didn’t take me long to go back to the newly opened Google Campus in Shoreditch. 3 days after launching, it was already hosting its first event - its big conference/event space looking more and more likely to become a focal hub for the tech community in East London. 

Startup Weekend had the privilege to inaugurate the space, and did so in its typical grand manner - with over 150 wannabe entrepreneurs attending. With 250 local chapters, this organisation has become a proper institution, another evidence of how mainstream entrepreneurship has become.

Build something that people want. Fast.

The idea is simple: you have 48 hours to put together a team and build the prototype of a product.

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